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Innovative Coin Handling Solutions That Embrace Responsible Gaming Initiatives.

Responsible Gaming has become the motto for the gaming industry and giving back plays a major role in those efforts.

For the past decade, Business Intelligence gaming influencer, Casinos Care®, has been developing resource-light step coin-handling solutions that lower coin handling costs while at the same time providing much-needed resources for their nonprofit benefactors.

Casinos Care® ensures the execution and the integrity of each transaction in order to maintain the proper oversight for their contracted nonprofits, casinos, and patrons that funds are accounted for and reach their designated destination.

To date, casinos have saved millions of dollars in coin handling costs while our nonprofits have received over a million dollars in support.

Today, with digital technology proliferated to the extent it has, the need for compatibility and communications is so great that casinos have been inquiring into Casinos Care® for the next evolution of solutions to stay competitive.

Thus Casinos Care® remains focused on new innovations to help properties including going coinless and the revelation of revolutionary applications that will not only provide nonprofits similar resources but will expand marketing innovations for casino players clubs, customer retention, and new customers.

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