How We Help

Once Casinos Care® coin handling solutions have been implemented, our team of professional analysts develop an unbiased, objective, system of due-diligence to inform our gaming industry partners if a charity is worthy of receiving donations.

The due-diligence process examines a charity’s performance, its financial history, and stability, the amount of money that goes to its cause versus overhead, their status as referenced by charity monitoring organizations and submission of the application contract to receive funds.

Casinos Care® only works with licensed professional solicitors or fundraisers for a charitable organization.

We do not work with fundraising consultants, counselors, grant writers and associates.

Through this process, Casinos Care® ensures that funds are managed properly and protects our casino partners and charitable organizations from losses, damages or wrongdoings.

Furthermore, Casinos Care® demonstrates our seriousness to oversight and compliance or our transactional duties by making sure 100% of the transactions we conduct is at all times in control of the charity.

Our Donate Button for the gaming industry is the only product of its nature recognized by leading gaming associations, commissions!

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