Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I get my organization involved?

If your organization would like to be considered for our program, please have your top officer complete the online application form.

Please note: we have a rigorous vetting process and many organizations will not be eligible for the program.

Are there requirements for being accepted into the program?
  • The organization must have been in business for a minimum of 3 years

  • IRS determination must be in good standing and current

  • Charity must have an updated website

  • Charity overhead percentage must be less than 30% and be verifiable through financial records

  • Board/Senior Management approval is required

  • Charity can not directly fund any political party or affiliated organizations

  • Charity can not be a tribal organization

  • Charity can not be secular based

  • The purpose of the charity can not be to serve a general population (as defined by the charity)

  • Charity can not be a sports team of business

What types of organizations do you work with?

Casinos Care® works with all types of organizations based in the United States.

Organizations must have a valid IRS determination letter.

We do not work with:

  • Religious organizations that provide services on a sectarian basis
  • Sports Organizations
  • Political Organizations
  • Public/Private Schools
  • Organizations that have yet to receive their 501 (c)3 determination
  • Organizations with overhead costs in excess of 30%

After You’ve Been Accepted

I was at a casino and my organization didn’t appear on the machines, even though I know we are part of the program. Why isn’t it there?
There is limited space on the machines and not every nonprofit partner can be on every machine all the time. We have a process of rotating the organizations that guarantees equal time for every partner.


In addition, we work with national and local organizations. Local organizations only appear on machines in that geographical area (i.e. an organization that provides services locally in Florida will only appear on machines in that general area of Florida).

We love being part of the program. How do we increase the amount we receive in donations?

The more you promote your organization’s participation in the program, the more support you receive from donors. Add our logo and link to your website. Include an article about Casinos Care® in your next newsletter. Send an email blast to supporters announcing your inclusion in the program.




My organization was declined for the program. Can we reapply?
You must wait at least one year before you submit a new application.

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