About Casinos Care®

An industry first, casino patrons will now have the option to give to charities while also reducing coin handling on the casino floor.

With the power of a proprietary technology called the Giving Module (from Zenergy Systems), also known as the Donate Button, casino patrons will, for the first time, have a simplified opportunity to donate on a slot machine when their credits are under the play threshold and swipe their change to charities at Cash-Out.

Not only is it very quick and incredibly easy, but it also saves casinos money by reducing coin handling on the casino floor!

Yet, most importantly, the charitable giving makes an enormous direct impact on the communities surrounding participating casino properties on the many causes represented by our nonprofit partners.

Zenergy Systems, DBA Casinos Care® ensures that all monies collected adhere to strict governing requirements and are properly disbursed to non-profit organizations. Casinos Care® – creating positive change in the world one donation at a time, one step at a time!

Greg Zilba

Founder & CEO

Greg Zilba is a veteran gaming executive and the innovator behind our core product, the “Donate Button.”

Laura Levinsky

Director of Administration, Casinos Care®

Laura Levinsky is a nonprofit executive and consultant with over 20 years of experience. As a staff member/consultant, she has worked with numerous organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, Arthritis Foundation, Jay Nolan Community Services, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and P.A.L.S.

After a career in the entertainment industry, she made the transition to working full time in the nonprofit field. She continues to give back to her community through her volunteer work, with the belief that she cannot ask or expect people to do things she would not be willing to do herself.

Laura Levinsky holds a B.A. from California State University, Northridge and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management/Fundraising from the University of California Los Angeles.

Gary Sipich

Director of Marketing, Casinos Care®

Gary is a 25+ year proven business development & marketing executive. Primarily spent in/around the business of music and entertainment, negotiating deals with the likes of Sony, Warner and Universal Music, he has also spent over 8 years dedicated to helping US casino marketing teams incorporate celebrities into their promotions and events, handling negotiations and marketing.

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